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Welcome to … your one-stop spot for sex tips & dating advice! Created to promote a forum for the open & free discussion of sexual issues, this site has grown into one of the Internet’s largest & most visited sources for sex tips & information. We hope that you enjoy the website & invite you to send us any feedback or suggestions you may have.

Smooch in public
“There is just something thrilling and maybe even dangerous about getting it on in unexpected places where someone might catch you. Like this one time, my ex-boyfriend and I were a little tipsy and sitting out on his balcony. Before I knew it, we were making out. No one could really see us, but the possibility that someone could have made it one of the hottest nights I can recall.”
—Anne, Oklahoma City, OK

Spend some time apart
“After four years together, my guy and I were in a bit of a rut, romantically speaking. What really spiced things up for us happened when I took a week-long trip with my family and without my guy. When I got back we were so excited to see each other that things got hot and heavy! So try taking a few days—or more—apart from your significant other. When you do reunite, it’ll be fantastic!”
—Robin, New York, NY

Give him something to look forward to
“My boyfriend and I were in a bit of a drought so one night when we were out, I told him that I had a surprise on under my clothes—some new lingerie, just for him. That got his imagination working and by time we got in the car, he couldn’t take his hands off me. Worked like a charm.”
—Stephanie, Atlanta, GA

Seduce each other all over again
“Here is my recipe for spicing up your sex life. One partner goes to a bar, all spruced up, and waits. The other arrives whenever it occurs to him/her, dressed sexy as hell. Then act like you’re strangers. Walk in, make subtle eye contact, have a seat at the other end of the bar, initiate more juicy eye contact, and build the tension the entire time until it’s so thick that one or the other has to approach!”
—Leia, Carson City, NV

Don’t strip down
“My boyfriend and I found some of our hottest nights happen when one of us leaves on an article of clothing or underwear…it feels more spontaneous, like you just couldn’t wait one more second to get busy.”
—Julie, Oneonta, NY

Set some mood lighting
“You don’t have to bust out candles or get dimmers; buy a small, inexpensive bedside lamp so that there’s some degree of gradation between ‘clinical fluorescent lights’ and ‘pitch black.’ Your bodies will look so much more alluring, and it will especially help that first time when you can’t really be like ‘walk into my dark bedroom now!’ but you’re both too nervous to make a move in bright light.”
—Laura, Kansas City, KS



You need to learn to walk before you can learn to run. There is no shame in admitting what you don’t know … only shame in not bothering to try and find out.

Well now there is really no excuse – here is everything you needed to know, but were afraid to ask. Start here and then explore other areas of the site to refine and develop your knowledge.

For those who think they already know it all – check this out, you might be amazed at your knowledge gaps, plus the myths and misinformation you have picked up over the years!


anal sexAnal Intercourse Experimentation requires communication, consideration, lubrication & good hygiene… Not for everyone, but loved by many who advocate it.


a guide to foreplayForeplay Every great ‘play’ – whether in sport, music or sex – begins with a careful & sustained build-up to reach that peak of performance.


her first timeHer First Time When is the right time for the 1st time? How to prepare (mentally & physically – including protection), what to expect & the importance of good communication.


his first timeHis First Time Ignore the peer pressure; the 1st time should be in your own time. When ready here’s what to expect, how to prepare & the importance of proper protection.


a guide to kissingKissing Not only romantic, but very sexy if done right! Here are lots of techniques to keep your partner desparate to pucker up for more! Mmmmmmmmm.


safe sexSafe Sex Always practice STD & pregnancy prevention; it is the responsibility of all involved. It’s the best tool to make sex fun, positive & safe.


Vaginal SexVaginal Intercourse Wondering what the fuss is all about, what sex entails & how to go about making it a success to remember? Here are some of the answers…



Sexual Anatomy

Sexual Anatomy

Your body is infinitely more complicated than your electronic toys, but unlike your toys it doesn’t come with instructions! This is where you can find out how the body works – and why it sometimes doesn’t work the way it should. Dispel your ignorance, banish those urban myths and misconceptions. Here is everything you need to know from descriptions and diagrams of the sexual organs, right through to finding those elusive zones that send up rockets of sexual pleasure!


Average Penis SizeAverage Penis Size This article covers some of the more common penis size myths, statistics on the average size, and what (if anything) can be done to improve size.


Vagina DiagramVagina Diagram A cross section of the female reproductive system with brief explanations of what all the parts are…



Her Erogenouos ZonesHer Egogenous Zones Since many men have trouble vocalizing what they like, this article will fill you in on his most common erogenous zones, and how to start pleasuring them.



His Erogenous ZonesHis Erogenous Zones Since many men have trouble vocalizing what they like, this article will fill you in on his most common erogenous zones, and how to start pleasuring them.


Penis DiagramPenis Diagram A cross section of the male reproductive system with brief explanations of what all the parts are…



Prostate GlandProstate Gland Total comfort and dual oral – who could reasonably ask for more? Lick, suck, rest… lick, suck, rest… you get the idea!



SpermSperm Feeling like adding a really BIG lift to your lay (day)? For the sturdiest of backs and strongest of arm only… steady there Big Boy!



Oral Sex

Oral Sex

Consists of all the sexual activities that involve the use of the mouth. This may include use of the lips, tongue, teeth, and throat to stimulate the genitals. In case you aren’t familiar with the terminology;
  • Fellatio refers to oral sex performed on a man.
  • Cunnilingus refers to oral sex performed on a woman.
  • Analingus refers to oral stimulation of a person’s anus.
People may engage in oral sex as part of foreplay before intercourse, or during or following intercourse. It may also be performed for its own sake. Due to the widespread prevalence of STDs we will be shortly including a special article on the importance and practice of Safe Oral Sex.


Analingus Analingus Once clean the anus is as great a place to lick as any other – & with all those nerve-endings better than most! Don’t let being a prude make you miss out.


Cunnilingus – BasicsCunnilingus Basics Performing well is extremely pleasurable for her & for you. Do your homework, be gentle and listen to her responses & you really can’t go wrong…


Cunnilingus – AdvancedCunnilingus Advanced Wondering what else you can do to keep your lady dancing on the edge of your tongue? Here we have loads of great oral sex techniques for you to try out.


Fellatio – BasicsFellatio Basics Fellatio, oral sex performed on a man, is a great way to give pleasure; regardless of whether it is for foreplay, after play, or the main event.


Fellatio – AdvancedFellatio Advanced So now that you have gathered a good understanding of the basics, here are some more advanced lessons that are sure to ‘blow’ his socks off!


Safe Oral SexSafe Oral Sex There’s more to it than just not getting caught by your roommates, parents, or kids! Consider the modern risks – here are some good tips to help.





The Orgasm is the ultimate, though not the only, goal of great sex. Here we look at the facts and myths about attaining that sometimes elusive ‘O’ and examine some tip and tricks for reaching that high spot more often than not. We also take a look at some of the biology related to Orgasm, such as Kegel Exercises and Sperm production.


Female EjaculationFemale Ejaculation An urban myth, or the prize of the lucky few? Here we examine the ‘ifs’, the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ of the ultimate in Wet Looks!



Female OrgasmFemale Orgasm Not every female can reach orgasm, but many more could if they relaxed and took the time and effort to explore their body to see what works for them!



Kegal Exercises Kegel Exercises Internal organ health for men & women … the basics to maintain & protect those areas vital to sexual (& general) health & well-being.



Lasting LongerLasting Longer Sometimes a ‘quickie’ is all that’s wanted or needed. But if you desire an occasional marathon, but wonder how to make it last, here’s how…



Male EjaculationMale Ejaculation/Orgasm Ever wondered about the mechanics of ejaculation? Are orgasm & ejaculation the same thing? What are ‘wet dreams’? Find out here…



Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Here is where we describe some of the more important aspects of sexual health maintenance. It is vital to take an interest in your own well-being to ensure a long and healthy life. However, there comes a point where it is necessary for you to stop self-diagnosing and get professional help.


Remember this, you don’t have anything that your doctor has not seen before, whether that is a lump, discharge or anything else for that matter.


VERY IMPORTANT! No web-site, message board, friend or encyclopedia is an alternative to your doctor; only they can give you a personalized examination, assessment and proper treatment of whatever problem might ail you!


Bladder InfectionsBladder Infections A serious threat to your health & not be taken lightly – medical help should be always be sought. Proper hygiene & other measures can help prevention.



Breast Health Breast Health Understanding your own body is central to ensuring ongoing good health.
Breast Health is especially important for women, whether sexually active or not.



Breast Self-ExamBreast Self-Examination Find out how to perform one of the most effective procedures to protect you
against the risk of breast cancer.



Breast SupportBreast Support Learn about proper bra-sizing, fit and choice – and how breasts transform
over time. Also looking after your quality bra.



Effects of Drugs & AlcoholEffects of Drugs & Alcohol Many drugs (including alcohol) have harmful effects on sexual performance
& enjoyment. Reducing urge, they dull the senses & sabotage the equipment.



Erectile DysfunctionErectile Dysfunction A distressing condition often self-perpetuating through anxiety. Counseling & modern medicine can usually ‘put the lead back in your pencil’!



Excessive DrynessExcessive Dryness A shortage of natural vaginal lubricant need not be a problem. Here are the causes & usual cures. A ready-to-hand substitute is always a useful aid.



Intro to Sex TherapyIntroduction to Sex Therapy In an ever more stressful & complex world, it is no wonder that sex brings its own need for professional effective therapy. Here is what to expect…



MenstruationMenstruation The 3 to 5 day ‘time of the month’ when the female body sheds unneeded tissue & blood from the uterus. Here’s what to expect and how to deal with it.



Premature EjaculationPremature Ejaculation Common especially among young & sexually inexperienced males. Can generally be overcome with patience & by understanding underlying causes.



Sexual AddictionSexual Addiction On the surface it may sound like a nice problem to have – but for those who suffer from it the problem can have very serious consequences.



STD TestingSTD Testing Not a place you want to be, but when your health (& maybe life) is at risk you can’t afford to be shy! Pluck up your courage & go – it’s not that bad!



Testicle Self-ExamTesticle Self-Exam Self-exams are not just for the ladies; knowing your body could save your life! Find out what you can do to help yourself.

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