3 Ways Pocket Vibrators Will Blow Your Mind!

Sex toys don’t have to be huge to get you off. Large sex toys often aren’t practical – they can be heavy and cumbersome to use, difficult to travel with and may use a lot of batteries or require plugging in to a wall outlet to operate. Often, better orgasms come in small packages! Here are three ways small vibrators will rock your world!

As a woman that likes to have things on demand (my favorite movies recorded, microwave meals in my fridge) I love to have a toy that is as instantly practical as it is tingly. Gyrating rabbits, and dildos that resemble the Incredible Hulk’s forearm, are all well and good for being stowed away at home; but are not the easiest of items to sneak away for a dirty weekend, or keep in your handbag.

Pocket-sized vibrators are the latest weapon in your arousal arsenal that will help you, and maybe a lucky male partner, enjoy naughty games on the go.

Hide It

As a ‘modern woman’ I reserve the right to masturbate at the office, the gym, or on my way to my boyfriend’s apartment; problem is all of those bright pink, spikey vibrators aren’t the easiest things to just ‘tuck away’ in the pocket of your handbag.

Pocket vibrators however, often come craftily disguised though as an unassuming article: there are the ‘butter fingers’ that look (ok, not that convincingly) like a candy bar; and then there are the ‘ lipstick vibe’s’. These small vibrators are sneakily shaped like a common place lipstick but conceal a naughty secret. Whether you’re more likely to have a candy bar or a lipstick in your handbag; there are pocket vibrators out there with enough stealth to make it through security at the airport; or your mother-in-law glaring into the contents of your carry on.

Play With It

Every girl should have a bullet!

These little devils are often only the size of the tip of your thumb but pack a punch. When inserted onto your clitoris they can vibrate so specifically that you’ll shudder more than with larger (and clumsier) vibrators.

Remote bullets are probably your best bet for fun and games with a deviant other half. Give your (lucky) boyfriend the remote control to adjust the speed and frequency of your vibrations; and then just pop the bullet into your panties. You can make this part of your normal foreplay routine; but I think it’s best to play some games instead.

If he wants to watch the football when you want some attention; get him to control your vibrations ‘remotely’ from the couch as you relax on your bed. Who knows he may even realize it would make great sense to join you during the commercial break!

In fact with a bullet you can forget ever having to have him cry ‘honey, dinner!!’ and get him to ‘buzz’ you instead.

Vary It

Bullets also come in a few other varieties. Some of them are not remotely controlled but instead there is a cable that connects the bullet to the remote; much like you might have seen with vibrating cock rings. Something about wires is distinctly ‘unsexy’. However, if you’re using a bullet during sex to stimulate your clitoris it does stop the two small parts becoming separated: let’s face it, it would be a tragedy that if in the heat of the moment you lost the remote to your favorite toy down the side of your bed!

Durex’s bullet variant is a slightly stranger design. The ‘play touch finger’ resembles those fake ‘witch fingers’ that you once cracked out as a kid over Halloween before you went trick or treating. Its design means that a soft rubber ‘finger’ slides over your own index finger, on the end of which is a bullet.

The bullets themselves are individually battery operated which means that they pack a punch. However, whatever genius worked out that Durex’s pocket vibrator design gave the most “Kapow” was severely let down by a designer who failed to realize that masturbating with a huge, synthetic finger puppet is just plain weird.

Boost It

The ‘play touch finger’ is also something I’d be too chronically embarrassed to pull out in front of a partner (though it feels so good I could probably overlook its ugliness when I’m alone… and blindfolded). So it misses out the best use of pocket vibrators; that they add spice to your sex life, without making your partner feel seconded to seven inches of silicone.

If you’re new into your relationship and don’t know how your other half feels about sex toys, these discreet little weapons will allow you to introduce some more buzz to the bedroom without referencing ‘Crocodile Dundee’, “You call that a vibrator? THIS is a vibrator!”

Pocket sized vibrators can be chucked casually into your over night bag and brought out at the crucial moment to ensure your orgasm. The clitoris is notoriously hard to stimulate during missionary (unless someone’s hand can be taken away from balance to be put down there). But the bullet is much smaller than your frenzied fingers and can slot comfortably between you and your partner as he penetrates you.

These ‘magic’ bullets are then well worth adding to, or beginning, your sex toy collection. In fact if you’re a woman who likes her orgasms clitoral, they’re invaluable.

And if you’re a forward thinking man who likes to please women, or want to know how to really tease a girl in a club, then they’re not only small enough to fit in a handbag: but can be slotted into a wallet too.

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