Advanced Kissing Tips (Video)

Kissing is something you may think is basic, but you can create amazing sexual tension just by putting your mouth on hers – the right way. If you think you’ve mastered kissing tips and know everything there is to know about it, think again! Here’s how you can blow your lover’s mind and take it to the next level.

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Take The Next Step In Kissing

Learn how to be both gentle and firm at the same time. Many guys think that they have to be either super soft or really wild, when the best kisses come from guys who know how to be both at the same time. Kiss your lover with a little bit of an urgency, like you have to do it right now. Start off a little firm to show your passion, then relax into softer, sweeter moves to convey how much you’re enjoying it.

Start integrating eye contact when kissing. Eye contact is one of the most powerful forms of body language, and it’s incredibly effective when used with a woman. Pull away for a few seconds while making out with your partner and gaze deeply into her eyes. Hold the eye contact for just a few seconds longer than is comfortable, and then go back to kissing.

Enjoy each step of kissing your partner. Don’t rush through it so you can have sex sooner, and don’t just kiss her for the sake of having sex with her. Make the an incredible activity all by itself, and if you don’t end up having sex afterwards, so be it. The kiss was great, after all!

Girls Like Variety

Learn a variety of kissing tips and techniques. Girls don’t necessarily like to do the same thing with a guy over and over – it gets old after awhile. Take some time to learn a variety of techniques, so you have something new to offer your partner every now and then. Experiment with new things and find out what works for you and your lover and what doesn’t!

Move around while kissing. Don’t just stay on her mouth the whole time – slide your lips down her neck and kiss her gently there, or gently nibble on her ear. Staying in one spot will not only make her mouth tired quickly, it’s also going to get boring pretty fast.

Make it a kiss to remember. Make it slow, soft, sensual and special. If you don’t end up having sex that night, make it so that she thinks about the kiss all night long and that’s all she has running through her mind.

Tease her. Remember that kissing is part of foreplay and you will create a ton of sexual tension if you tease your lover and make her want more. You don’t want to be the guy that overwhelms her and leaves her pulling away, gasping for breath. Always pull away first and make her want to come back for more.

The Importance Of Touch While Kissing

Touch her hair when you kiss. Start with a gentle caress and as you get more and more passionate, it can even progress into a light tug. The nerves in the scalp are extremely sensitive, and playing with her hair while you kiss or tugging it gently can send shivers down her spine.

When it feels right, run your hands over her body. Don’t assume that touching her body means going straight for her breasts or vagina! Run your hands over her arms, touch her cheek softly and gently caress her neck. Put your hand on her hip and draw her closer to you. Touch her in places that she wouldn’t expect a guy to touch – because let’s face it, she’s probably expecting you to head for her nether regions anyways.

Being Kissable

Make sure your lips and mouth aren’t too dry. Your lips should be soft and kissable, but also make sure that your lips and mouth aren’t too wet either. You definitely don’t want to go into a kiss with slippery, slimy lips and tongue.

Practice good oral hygiene – you may think this falls into the category of basic kissing tips, but you wouldn’t believe how many guys expect to kiss a girl right after they’ve had a plate of hot wings and a beer. Don’t do this! Freshen up before you move in. If you have to excuse yourself to the bathroom to get fresh, go for it. Brush your teeth, use lip balm and carry mints. Make sure that you’re fresh and ready to be kissed. She’ll not only appreciate it, but the kiss will be a lot better.

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