Pregnant – intercourse

Pregnant without intercourse … possible?

Q. I have an instance where abstinence did not prevent pregnancy. My girlfriend and I engaged in “sexual contact” without intercourse and she ended up getting pregnant. I just thought I would pass on this little bit of information.

A. Unfortunately for you, this case of sperm free conception won’t go down in history as a medical marvel. Conception only occurs when sperm from your ejaculate successfully fertilizes an egg within her Reproductive Organs; no contact, no conception. You aren’t specific about what you define as “sexual contact”; however, any time the uncovered penis and the vagina are in close proximity there is the chance of sperm migrating from one to the other. Even Sperm on your hand (or hers) can transfer to her vagina during manual play. Is your naivety about pregnancy due to a complete lack of sex education, or is it a sign of a much deeper issue in the relationship?

Let’s assume (for the moment) that your limited knowledge of the birds and the bees is the cause of this confusion. Before you engage in any more sexual contact, particularly Intercourse, enlighten yourself about how pregnancy actually happens, and follow that up by learning the various methods of Birth Control. Using a barrier method such a condom not only ensures that your exposure to unplanned pregnancy is greatly reduced, it also protects you against any unwanted Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/STIs) that you might not know you’re being exposed to … especially when there’s a fair chance that your sexual partner is ‘playing the field’.

Once you have no doubt as to where babies come from, you should realize it’s also more than possible that it didn’t come from you! If you are now certain that it didn’t come from you, then she is trying to pull a fast one on you. Clearly, if you didn’t have ‘unprotected sex’ with her, then somebody else did – and his ‘little soldiers’ are the ones responsible for her current state. You need to wake up and smell the roses! Unless you were just foolishly naïve in your understanding of ‘Abstinence’ then she’s been stepping out behind your back, and is now trying to pin fatherly responsibilities upon you – instead of the real daddy. Hopefully you’ll be able to take it from here… 

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