Vampire Obsession

Why the Vampire Obsession?

Q. Can you comment about the vampire craze going on? TV series’, books, movies – it’s everywhere! Why are so many people, especially women, turned on by it all?

A. Belief and interest in vampires and bloodsucking demons is nothing new, and may go back to prehistoric times – and with variations from all around the world!. Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel ‘Dracula’ is remembered as the classic vampire novel and what created the basis of modern vampire fiction, however even it drew on earlier mythologies of werewolves and similar legendary demons.

The success of the book spawned a distinctive vampire genre with books, films, video games, and television shows. There is now an endless supply of mainstream media that is still tapping into the wicked urges of millions of men and women around the globe. ‘Fangers’ are now enjoying a spot in the limelight, and have come a long way from being portrayed as gaunt, pale, isolated demons with thick accents.

Vampire chronicles like the show True Blood or the Twilight book (and now movie) series are a testament to the dark fantasies that practically anyone can indulge in. Interestingly, of all the monsters of fiction, the only one primarily associated with sex is the vampire. But why the attraction?

Here are ten reasons why they thought these cold blooded creatures get people so hot and bothered:

1. Vampires equal sex. Sexuality has been an undertone of the vampire identity throughout history and based on their current popularity, there’s no end in sight.

2. These villains ooze naughtiness, carnality and a host of other sinister ‘appetites’. There’s no end to their desire for flesh and many find their unquenchable hunger highly erotic.

3. Defenseless against their charms and vulnerable to their every whim, a vampire’s lover has no choice but to surrender to the moment. Since letting down one’s guard can be challenging for many women, you can see why sleeping with the undead may have its perks!

4. Vampires are devilishly attractive and have an appreciation for good, though sometimes overly extravagant, style.

5. They’re charismatic and incredibly sophisticated. They don’t burp, fart, or wear wine stains on their crisp white shirts.

6. They’ve always been depicted as unpredictable, dangerous, and most of all, forbidden. As we now know, these things activate the parts of our brains that create adrenaline, dopamine and euphoria; anyone suffering from the humdrum of daily life will appreciate the effect.

7. They can’t get a girl pregnant, so birth control isn’t an issue. Though, the risks associated with sleeping with a vamp are potentially fatal, especially if you don’t play your cards right.

8. Some females are drawn to the ‘rebel without a cause’ type – the brooding, deeply misunderstood man that could flourish if they could only let someone in. The drive to uncover their softer side is such a challenge, especially for women who are drawn to complexity.

9. These bloodsuckers tap into two very primal instincts of a woman’s psyche – the part that goes for tall and handsome (signaling good genes), and the part that is turned on by power and wealth (a sign he’s capable of amassing resources).

10. There’s always an element of fear when interacting with a vampire. If you compare the way fear and sexual arousal incites the body and mind, there isn’t much of a difference.

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