The Orgasm is the ultimate, though not the only, goal of great sex. Here we look at the facts and myths about attaining that sometimes elusive ‘O’ and examine some tip and tricks for reaching that high spot more often than not. We also take a look at some of the biology related to Orgasm, such as Kegel Exercises and Sperm production.


Female EjaculationFemale Ejaculation An urban myth, or the prize of the lucky few? Here we examine the ‘ifs’, the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ of the ultimate in Wet Looks!



Female OrgasmFemale Orgasm Not every female can reach orgasm, but many more could if they relaxed and took the time and effort to explore their body to see what works for them!



Kegal Exercises Kegel Exercises Internal organ health for men & women … the basics to maintain & protect those areas vital to sexual (& general) health & well-being.



Lasting LongerLasting Longer Sometimes a ‘quickie’ is all that’s wanted or needed. But if you desire an  occasional marathon, but wonder how to make it last, here’s  how…



Male EjaculationMale Ejaculation/Orgasm Ever wondered about the mechanics of ejaculation? Are orgasm &  ejaculation the same thing? What are ‘wet dreams’? Find out here…

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