Excessive Dryness

Excessive Dryness

Excessive Dryness


The vagina normally lubricates itself naturally upon sexual contact, and often erotic thought alone will do the trick. However, due to a number of factors it is possible that this natural lubricating process may occasionally, or permanently, not work properly.


Physical Factor

This is when the female body is actually improperly functioning or is being harmed by some form of chemical it is ingesting. Possible reasons for this are:
  • Damaged spinal cord or nerves
  • Side-effect of medication or narcotics
  • Low hormone levels
  • Malfunctioning glands

Psychological Factor

Any mental duress the woman is under can severally curtail her desire and in many cases her ability to sexually perform. It is imperative a woman understands that her desire to sexually perform is critical in becoming well lubricated. If she doesn’t really feel like having intercourse, but feels she should because her partner has asked, then she is only ensuring herself an unfulfilled sexual experience. Women who suffer from a psychological impediment are usually more inclined to not want to have sexual intercourse altogether than just being unable to naturally lubricate themselves. Some reasons for a psychological inhibition are:
  • Traumatic sexual experience that is mentally unresolved (e.g., rape or
  • Excessive stress
  • Relationship woes
  • Anxiety about sexual performance (especially ‘first-time’ sex)
  • Depression
  • Psychiatric conditions


If a woman is suffering from a physical or psychological inability to naturally lubricate herself then it is imperative that she seek professional assistance. A doctor will be able to determine accurately what is wrong and what options are available to her. In the interim though, an excellent temporary solution is using sexual lubricants. Many couples use sexual lubricants because they find it greatly increases the stimulation they gain from intercourse. Although not a cure for physical or psychological problems it is a good temporary fix until the problem is properly diagnosed and treated.


Sexual Lubricants

A vaginal lubricant is a water-based, condom-friendly liquid, jelly or cream used to enhance or replace a woman’s natural lubrication. Many couples regard lubricants as a must-have item and find that it extremely improves the quality of intercourse. Also, sexual lubricant is an essential ingredient to successful Anal Intercourse. Furthermore, the use of lubricant on the inside of a condom can make the sensations delivered to the penis much stronger.


Prior to the current, Safer-sex era, many people used oil-based lubricants, namely Vaseline or mineral oil. Neither of these are healthy choices as a sexual aide. These petroleum-based oils destroy latex upon contact, making them useless for use with Birth Control such as condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, sponges, and the protective coatings around some IUDs. Oils also coat the inside of the vagina and rectum, providing a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. Consider oil-based lubricants for cosmetic use only and not as a sexual aide.



Most lubricants are made up of one or more of the following: glycerine, hydroxyethyl cellulose, or propylene glycol. Some add aloe vera or vitamin E acetate to better moisturize and promote dermal regeneration. All add a pH-balancing agent, and most contain a preservative, since the active ingredient is essentially a food additive and would spoil otherwise.



Many couples use K.Y. Jelly, since it is prevalently advertised, but you should be aware that K.Y. Jelly is intended for single-use medical situations (e.g., the insertion of a thermometer or catheter) and is deliberately formulated to break down quickly. This is not good for situations where the lubricant is expected to last a long time, such as during Intercourse.


Brands that are designed specifically as sexual aides are: Aqualube, Astroglide, Elbow Grease, ForPlay, ID, Probe, Pride, Slip, and Wet. This is just a short list of the many brands available on the open market. Also, be aware that some of these brands also make oil-based lubricants for “Masturbation purposes only”.


Lubricants come in just about every variety and flavour, from as viscous as syrup to only slightly thicker than water. One-ounce sampler bottles are typically available and will let you find the right lubricant without spending a fortune.

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