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  Ok-ok … we know that the slightly arthritic are raising their eyes (rather than their leg) toward heaven, but for those who can-can … do-do!

Bended Knee

  A perfect ‘proposal’ position… who needs a ring? Hey, it’s Leap Year and she’s on her knees too. Here’s your big chance girls!


  You’ve turned up the heat – now turn up the volume, get down to the beat and get intimate with the Dancer – but mind the toes. Ouch!

Deck Chair

  Take it easy in the Deck Chair and go for the G spot with deep penetration – something for both of you.


  The Delight is delightfully intimate, gentle as the Butterfly, stings like a bee, but sweet as honey.


  Drill to thrill? Yes please Hold on with your vice like grip for deep penetration and sustained pleasure.

Folded Deck Chair

  OK here’s a Deck Chair that needs a little more effort from the receiver, & offers more control to the giver, but pleasures you both. 


Mastery   Master this one for intimacy, tenderness … and good old lust! Sweet moments were made for this, so relax and enjoy.


  You don’t have to go for a swim to get a sting from this Jellyfish! Just enjoy the motion of the ocean.


  Actually nothing to do with Christian Missionaries as this one has been around since ancient times! But it never hurts to pray for more.

Side to Side

  A good transitional position as you try out all the rest, or a great way to take a breather without breaking it off (the action that is!).

Stand and Carry

  Remember proper lift technique; straight back and bent legs. Weightlifters, don’t get carried away – this isn’t the official ‘Snatch’.

Viennese Oyster

  No-one said you have to swallow an oyster for it to be considered an aphrodisiac … here’s an alternative!


  Churchill’s famous ‘V’ takes on a totally new meaning as SHE reaches for the sky! This is the ORIGINAL high-flying Victory Roll!!