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Did British Spies Try to Feminize Hitler?

If you watch search terms closely, web sex memes become evident pretty quickly. Because of the tendency of many sites — including “reputable” news sites — to republish crap from dubious sources with nary a web search to determine its bullshit value, it’s tempting to call this brand of meme repetition what it is: web […]

French models Faye and Kayla

Eye Candy: Start the Week With Beauty

Usually I try to post more Eye Candy over the weekend, but this weekend was particularly busy for me. I was filmed for a documentary, had deadlines on a book introduction and some work-for-hire writing gigs, and at the same time I’m completely consumed by a massive privacy-protection article I’m about to publish for Pulp […]

What’s Up?

This post probably won’t be overly sexual, but just my way of blabbing about things on my mind. Hey, it’s been a week since I blogged, at least this is something, ya know? I’ve been very sad the past day or so as someone I liked a great deal has decided that I’m a liar. […]

SINsual Shot Sexual Energy Drink Review

I have reviewed other types of sexual energy drinks in the past, including a weird herbal tea that is supposed to make you uber-orgasmic, as well as Shunga’s Sexual Energy Herbal Supplements (different formulas for men and women).  Having tried several types, I still tend to be a bit skeptical about these type of products […]

“Lesbian Cops” Erotic Book Review

“Lesbian Cops” is a erotic anthology book based around the idea of female police officers who are attracted to other women. This book is published by Cleis Press and edited by Sacchi Green. The book includes 221 pages and sixteen different stories. The book has the same layout as all Cleis Press books, and it […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus and Fellatio by Violet Blue

I have been reading “The Ultimate Guide to Cunnilingus” and “The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio”, 2nd Editions, both by author and sexpert Violet Blue for the past few months.  I read them together because I thought they would complement each other, which they do.  In fact, much of the information in several chapters is almost […]

I’ll Show You Mine – Vulva Art Book Review

One day while browsing through Jiz Lee’s blog I came across a review of the new photo art project “I’ll Show You Mine”, a book that showcases the “natural” diversity and beauty of the vulva.  I thought, Wow!, cool book and then the next day the creator of project, Wrenna Robertson emailed me and asked […]

“Sweet Confessions” Erotic Book Review

“Sweet Confessions”, a Cleis Press erotic anthology edited by Violet Blue, is 192 pages long and includes 18 different erotic stories. The formatting for the book resembles the formatting for most Cleis Press books. The cover is relatively discreet with the only “sexual” thing being the “erotic fantasies for couples” tagline on the front of […]

STR8cam Lube – The lube that looks and feels like cum

From the website ‘STR8cam Lube is a hybrid lube that looks and feels like cum.  It’s water based, white and creamy, and feels unlike any other lubrication available.  With STR8cam Lube you get the best of both worlds.  Lube that lasts long like silicone and cleans up easily like water.  STR8cam Lube is condom friendly, […]

Heavenly Goddess Luxury Spa Products from Athena’s

Sexy is Skin Deep! I review a lot of Bath and Beauty products, because I believe that a part of being sexy and sensual has to do with how you look and feel.  Pampering yourself with Spa Products that make you look, feel and smell like delicious, or like a Goddess, is very sexy. Athena’s […]

Spanksticks- Latex Spanking Canes from Denmark

One of the things I love best about doing product reviews is finding small “Ma and Pa” manufacturers who come up with a really innovative product, and finding products from different countries. Spanksticks are high end latex canes made by Thomas Dinsen in Demark and are sold from his website These are not your […]

“Hide and Seek” Erotic Book Review

“Hide and Seek” is a Cleis Press erotic anthology edited by Alison Tyler and Rachel Kramer Bussel. The book’s tagline is “Erotic Tales of Voyeurs and Exhibitionists”, and the book shares a similar format to all other Cleis Press books. The book includes 187 pages, and it includes 21 different stories to be read. The […]

The Fenis- A Stand To Pee Device

My apologies to Ryan Hale, inventor of the Fenis, as I received this product a while ago and it’s taken me a while to do the review.  In my defense, I wanted to show them pitching their idea to a TV show called “Dragon’s Den” and it took me a while before I could capture […]

Fun spanking boys

I was lazily browsing the keywords that had brought people to my site, when one search phrase jumped out at me. “Is it fun spanking boys?” an unknown searcher had asked Google. If by “boys” we mean “grown consenting men”, then I would like to take a moment to let my eyes glaze over in […]

Schoolgirl spanked with a slipper

Schoolgirl spanking: a favourite fantasy

Pleated skirts. Cotton knickers. Pigtails. “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” Books pressed to the chest. A wooden desk with a hole for an inkwell. Shorthand for a fantasy so familiar that we don’t even question where it’s coming from, how it works. Schoolgirl spanking fantasy is central to my spanking kink, and, if I judge by […]

Welcome to the new blog design

So, for my 5th bloggerversary, I decided to make the blog look like it’s 2011.  So, out goes the old three-column design, and in comes the “featured articles” slider and category columns. If you’re reading on RSS, it won’t make any difference to you, but do click through and admire the high gloss. To make […]

Spanking porn: what do you want to watch?

Is your experience of spanking porn unsatisfying in some way? Do you have a favourite fantasy that you don’t seem to find in spanking films? Do you find yourself sighing at your computer screen, thinking, “But why don’t they make films about this wonderful idea of mine – it would make a great spanking movie, […]

Experiments in BDSM poetry

Disclaimer: I don’t write poetry. LONG-DISTANCE by Adele Haze I put a silver bell in my lover’s collar; It trills when he moves: I’m here, find me. His skin warms the metal. When I’m alone, I listen for the bell in the dark. Some days there is silence. But not today. No related posts found.

Be my heterosexual Valentine: calling out M & S

First, a quick straw poll of the queer women reading this: would you be thrilled to receive cufflinks as your romantic Valentine treat from your girl? Now the queer dudes: what would you say about a lovely delicate bracelet? I suppose, there are some gay girls who’d love a pair of smart cufflinks, as well […]

Adele with her bottom bared, screencap from "The Young Offender"

What shall I do for my 5th bloggerversary?

I’m sure that somebody will be able to correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I had one of the first handful of spanking model blogs out there. If not the first. So this blog’s fifth birthday is kind of a big deal. How do I celebrate? What do I do? For the […]

Naked man kneels on the floor, kissing the shoe of a woman in a maid

Dominance in fantasy and reality

Some days all I need is to sink my nails deep in Jimmy’s flesh, and hear him whimper, and not let go. And some days all I want is a back rub and some vanilla caresses. I’ve been sick through the most part of the last two months (better now, thank you), and it’s been […]

Men and the Bell End

Dr Gordon Gallup, an evolutionary biologist, has studied a variety of penises – both human and animal – in his attempts to prove his theory that humans are hardwired to be unfaithful. He suggests that our male ancestors had two urges – to sleep around, spreading their seed and to form a bond with one […]

Mid Life Crisis Depression

Bipolar, post-natal depression, menopausal depression, hormonal depression, pre-menstrual depression, mid life crisis depression: they’re all labels that purport to be cured by pharmaceutical drugs – SSRIs (happy pills), Temazepan, Valium – cognitive therapies or herbal medicines – St John’s Wort, amongst many others. But, really, we should be addressing a lifestyle that affects our body’s […]

Pleasurists #142

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. If you like what you see and want more of it be sure to follow our RSS Feed and Twitter. Did you miss Pleasurists 141? Read it all here. Do you have […]

HNT: Bustier

It’s been scary in England these last few days. Not the UK as many of you know us… but exclusively England. And anxiety is not good for my libido. As planned, Ruf and I have come away from his City to my more suburban location, but that does not mean he is not in […]

MCW: Best Man Pretending To Be A Woman Movie

Here is this week’s Movie Clip Wednesday whilst Anonymous Boxer works her socks off. Search the video channels to find the best representation of the given theme – however lateral – and then post ‘Im Up’ in the comments box below my entry so that we can all come round to check for jinxes and […]

Kids Watching Violence

“He wants to go on the Eggbox and shoot people” She said it with a wry and resigned smile as she eyed her disgruntled three year old with an air of impotence. Her husband then proceeded to explain that the youngster’s older brothers had shut him out as they played violent games on the X-Box […]

Giles Coren, Test Match Special and Vibrator Reviews

On this day, the lunchtime guest was Giles Coren, a renouned restaurant critic and schoolboy cricketer. “But what has this got to do with Vibrator Reviews?” I hear you cry! Well, Aggers and Giles were discussing whether being paid to do something that you love changed the thrill of it. And it was a question […]

Trouble in Paradise

One of the joys of my job is that I get to watch people. See them interacting and going about their daily business. The young couple, hand in hand, seemingly without a care in the world. Little families with their cute kids. Sometimes the parents are so obviously in love, whilst others are clearly in […]

After the Wedding: How to Adjust to Married Life

Sometimes couples get so wrapped up planning the wedding; they forget about the actual marriage. Married life isn’t all cozy dinners and regular sex; it’s also a lot of compromise and communication. So what are the newly-wed hurdles and how will we get through them? Compromise.The word sounds…

25 Universal Truths About Men

Most of the time, it’s smart to stay away from making generalizations about “the unfamiliar.” But sometimes there’s truth in these statements and men can certainly fall into this category for us. That’s why Relationship Doctor Bob Grant risks being politically incorrect and reveals the 25 universal…

Five Reasons Why Summer Is a Single Gal’s Best Season

So you’re single this summer—so what? There’s no better time of year to be on your own, so celebrate your status and make the most of the season with our list.

Why Women Feel More Attached after Sex than Men

Could your hormones be the reason you feel close to him after sex? Find out what effect the hormone oxytocin could be having on your relationships and sex life.

The Surprising Truth About Being a Bridesmaid

Think your only duty as a bridesmaid is to walk down the aisle in floor-length peach taffeta? Guess again. We spell out the real deal with our survival guide.

Why He Doesn’t Think You’re Fat

By now, the whole “Honey, do I look fat in this?” scene has been fully unmasked as the farce it is, useful today only as a reference to stand-up comic hacks. But be aware that the sentiment behind it lives on in more modern variations, including: “I look fat in this,” (a subtly aggressive form,…