Dating Tips: Is It OK To Ask For A Phone Number At Work? (Video)

Dating requires you to ask a woman out first – but how do you get a woman’s number? She may be a co-worker of yours, or you may see her often if she works at a place you frequent. You’d really like to be dating this girl, but is it okay to approach women at work?

Question: Hi Dan and Jenn. I’m a new subscriber. I’ve watched a few of your videos so far but haven’t found one that answers my specific question. I was wondering if it’s okay to ask for a womens number while they’re working? The specific place I’m curious about is Subway. I’ve heard it’s not kosher to do this. Thanks in advance and I hope to learn a lot!

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Dating Won’t Happen Unless You Ask First

The first thing that guys have to understand about the dating process is that it’s probably not going to happen unless YOU do the asking. So you’re pretty much guaranteed a “no” if you don’t ask a woman out. So gather up your courage, and get ready to make the first move!

If You Share A Workplace

When most guys think about asking a girl out at work, it usually means he’s romantically interested in a woman that he is employed with. Generally speaking, this is almost always a bad idea! If you get involved in a relationship with someone you are employed with and things end badly, it can definitely make for quite an awkward situation later. Also, some companies have strict policies against dating at work, and it could cause you to lose your job. It might also end well, so you never know until you try. Just be aware that you’re taking a risk when you consider dating someone that you’re employed with.

At Your Potential Date’s Workplace

The situation is a little different when you talk about how to approach women at their place of business. For example, if the woman you’re interested in works at a restaurant or a hotel that you frequent, there’s no reason not to ask her out there. However, there are some rules that you want to follow if you’re thinking about approaching a woman where she works to ask her out on a date.

Do Not Go At Peak Hours

Every place of business has peak hours, especially restaurants. Never try to ask a woman out at a time where she’s slammed with customers, the boss is watching or she is too busy with other things. This will get you brushed off immediately, even though she may actually be interested in dating you. Timing is everything in this type of situation and if you do it at the wrong time, you’re just not going to get anywhere. Wait until she’s not busy with customers or other things, so she actually has time to process what you’re saying.

Make Sure You’re Able To Get One On One Time

This really goes for when you ask anyone anything – you really want to be one one one with that person, rather than having a bunch of other people listening in on the conversation you’re trying to have. Have the confidence to approach the girl you like when she’s alone.

Establish A Vibe

Going up to a woman you like and asking for a phone number right off the bat probably isn’t going to end well, even if you are one on one with her and no one else is watching or listening. So start flirting with her a little first. Smile at her, joke a little and make eye contact. Establish a connection or vibe first, before you suggest taking her out on a date. It’s more likely that she’ll be interested in dating you if you flirt a little first.

If She Rejects You

Depending on how you’ve set things up (and whether she’s really interested in you or not), you may very well get rejected. Don’t take it personally, especially if you’ve approached her at a bad time. You can always try again at another time. However, if she turns down your dating offer more than once, it’s safe to say that it’s not your timing that is the issue here. Remember that dating is all about having fun and meeting new people – so if you strike out more than once with one particular woman, remember that there are more out there that you could have an even better connection with. Don’t assume that if this one rejects you that it’s all over – because it’s not!

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