Fun spanking boys

I was lazily browsing the keywords that had brought people to my site, when one search phrase jumped out at me.

“Is it fun spanking boys?” an unknown searcher had asked Google.

If by “boys” we mean “grown consenting men”, then I would like to take a moment to let my eyes glaze over in a lust-filled daydream. How much fun is spanking boys, let me count the ways…

Purely physically, it’s a real sensual treat to have a boy over my lap: a long body, so large and present, hard in places, soft where it matters. Buttocks exposed, skin not yet reddened, but about to bounce and wobble under my hand. Watching marks appear and fill with colour as the spanking progresses, hearing his breath catch as he registers the pain, little noises he lets himself make. A slight tingling in my palm; knowing that his bottom is tingling much more acutely and urgently.

And then there’s the emotional side: feeding on his trust, receiving his vulnerability, alleviating his caution, gently enveloping him in my care, floating on his submission.

Yes, unknown searcher, it’s lots of fun, spanking boys. If you’re a boy, somebody will have tons of fun spanking you, and if you’re the one wondering about giving some lucky boy a spanking – go for it, it’s great. (Then come back and tell me all about it.)

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