Good Vibrations, Great Idea (Dick)

My good idea didn’t work out like I had hoped… but it’s still a good fucking idea (“fucking” is used here as a verb, not an adjective). The problem was not with the creativity of my plan nor the result of a botched implementation… it was an equipment issue and, once again, I have begun to desire a toy that does not exist.

Last year I discovered the ulimate vibrating vagina toy for me; it’s soft, made of body safe material, has the perfect amount of squeeze, is warm to the touch, and even self-lubricates. But the best part is that it’s integrated seemlessly into the body of a hot chick who loves to fuck me!

If it sounds like the perfect toy that’s because it is. If it sounds like I’m talking about Jane’s vagina that’s because I am. And yes, I did use the word “vibrating”.

I have found that if Jane presses the head of her Hitachi Magic Wand against her pubic bone during sex its vibration is transferred readily by the denseness of her bones, the waves travel throughout her pelvic region and run right through my dick as well (it is that powerful). The pleasure is intense and defies all efforts to delay ejaculation… it’s a sure thing every time.

Jane takes great joy in giving me pleasure but this whole setup is a bit one sided for me, I like to give back and this is how my failed idea took shape.

We have an attachment for our Magic Wand that was designed for G-Spot stimulation; it has a curved fallic extension meant for internal use and is made of soft silicone (find a less expensive version here). My idea was to have Jane hold the head of the Wand against her pelvis (as always) but with the G-Spot extension curved down over her pelvic mound and sitting atop her clitoris. My hope was that she’d get some pleasant external vibration while simultaneously rattling my dick inside her.

In practice, the phallic extension of the G-Spot attachment was long enough to span the distance from pelvis to perenium, completely eclipsing her vuvla and making vaginal sex impractical.

I felt defeated… but I also felt horny so we ripped the attachment off the wand and proceded as usual. She had already had a couple O’s by then so I found my comfort in that. ;o)

I will refrain from reflecting on the joys of having a fun partner to experiment with, one who readily accepts and can laugh in bed just as well as moan. She’s a real gift. Were I to espouse her qualities fully the sentiment would likely nausiate most our readers, so I’ll leave it at that.

This idea of mine could still work, but we’d either need to; design and create a shorter extension for the Wand, modify the one we have, or use the attachment as-is and abandon the vagina in favor of Jane’s ass. Believe me when I say I considered that last option with serious intent… but Jane was not game last night.

What I need to do is join the design team of a quality sex toy manufacturer, I have plenty of ideas. With any luck they’d have a comfortable break room and wouldn’t mind if I brought Jane to work with me. Talk about a dream job!

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