Gräfenberg Missed His OWN Spot! (Dick)

In 1950 Ernst Gräfenberg published a study of women describing an erogenous zone where the urethra is closest to the vaginal wall… blah, blah, blah.

In 1981 a few American sexologists struggling with German pronunciation declared this particular lady-region the “G-Spot” (see reference)… blah, blah, blah.

Ever since, there’s been debate about whether women really have a G-Spot… blah, blah, blah.

I’m not going to dive into the scientific or academic debate, I am not going to analyze the research and compare it to Jane’s sheet shredding sexual response to my skilled finger work, but I AM going to say this… Gräfenberg got it all wrong!

Anatomy Lesson

For those of you not familiar with pelvic anatomy let me give you a brief primer that holds true for both men and women. The urethra (pee tube) runs from the bladder to the outside world and near the base of the bladder (where the urethra is attached) the urethra is wrapped in spongy glandular tissue that produces a clear fluid full of sexy goodness. Got it? Now to work toward my point.

FEMALE       (click to enlarge)       MALE
IN MEN… this tissue forms a gland called the Prostate Gland and the fluid it produces plays a key role in the success of procreation by; neutralizing the acid of wee-wee lingering in the urethra, lubricating the little soldiers’ escape route, and providing the floodwaters which mobilize a seminal army. Evolution favored dudes who could really deliver the juice!

IN WOMEN… this same tissue is referred to as the Urethral Sponge (or Skene’s Gland) and plays no obvious role in reproductive physiology. Is it responsible for vaginal lubrication? No, the Bartholin glands and other means seem to take care of that. So why do women have this spongy manufacturer of sex juice which is so sexually responsive? My guess is it contributes no biological benefit to procreation but may contribute to evolutionarily advantageous reproductive behavior!

Evolution’s Spare Parts

Evolution’s random and selective nature churned out trial-and-error adaptations; some were good and elevated survival (and reproductive) rate, some condemned our caveman ancestors to be saber tooth cat food, and some were neither benefit nor detriment. Mammals long ago developed nipples… women put them to use feeding their babies, but for guys they’re not much more than a source of twisting torment in Junior High. Never really selected against.

Nipples are vestigial in men, they are leftover parts from sloppy evolution. It is my contention that womens’ Urethral Sponge is also vestigial… tissue put to good use by male anatomy but only reproductively semi-functional for a female (oh, I can feel the flames from the comment section now!).

This is where Gräfenberg got it wrong! Like any red blooded hetero male, his interest was poking around in lady parts. Is it any surprise this is where he discovered that the glandular tissue surrounding the Urethra is sexually responsive? It feels good when you give it some pressure, the sensation is familiar with what the gland feels during the muscular contractions of orgasm. He observed this trait in women and handed ownership of its pleasure to the fairer sex.

Can you imagine if nipples were considered to be a male trait and, only coincidentally, females had them too? Saying men have a male G-Spot is like saying women have female Man-Nipples. It’s all backward.

Tricking Your Body Is Fun

If male anatomy owns the origins of this erogenous zone why, then, is it buried in the butt where direct stimulation appears to bear no direct reproductive (i.e. species survival) benefit? The short answer is… it doesn’t! Its no better than the female G-Spot in this regard. (stay with me…)

Just prior to ejaculation, muscles surrounding the prostate gland give it a squeeze to expel its contents into the urethra. Pressure receptors in the prostate feel this muscular hug, men perceive this sensation as “the point of no return”, and associate the feeling with the pleasures of ejaculation. Did you catch that? Physical pressure applied to the prostate is consistent with the inevitability of orgasm!

Prostate massage, or any type of direct prostate stimulation, does an end-run around the build up to climax and puts pressure on the prostate much like the muscles that surround it. The feeling is very similar to pre-ejaculatory muscle contractions but is not fleeting like it is in orgasm… it can be sustained for great lengths of time.

Ladies… if you have not done so already, please help your male companion find his G-Spot (hereby renamed the “Guy-Spot”). Every healthy man has one… and if Mrs. Gräfenberg had done some exploration of her own the text books might read quite differently,

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