Hormones Are My Frenemy (Jane)

Hormones can be so annoying. Our daughter has reached her tweens and is clearly being affected by the new hormones raging inside of her. I find myself wondering a lot lately what happened to my sweet little girl…which has actually made me more aware of myself and the role hormones play in my own life. Sometimes I’m aware of their influence, sometimes not. I think Dick is more in tuned to my hormonal fluxes than I am. He feels their wrath and their joy more than anyone (and somehow he still loves me).

I love the hormonal influence of oxytocin…the bonding hormone that makes you love your mate and want to snuggle and kiss and caress. I wonder sometimes if, as I get older, there is less of that on board because I seem to be influenced all too often by the “don’t touch me, you’re driving me crazy” hormones. Or maybe it’s stress induced. Or maybe it’s like that old saying about familiarity and contempt. Whatever it is, I don’t like it.

This past weekend I had a visit from those happy hormones; they make me want to touch and be touched, kiss and be kissed… feeling like I couldn’t get enough of Dick. I like that feeling and I wish it would stay. The weekend was especially good for me. I had a break from my crazy work schedule and actually had an entire weekend at home, which hasn’t happened in many many months. I got to watch a movie with the kids, sleep in, and even got outside in the warm sunshine for a couple of hours.

Is the weekend off what induced the happy hormone visit? I was really happy, content, relaxed, feeling good about myself, and in turn especially horny! Or was it just the right timing? Were all the hormonal stars aligned? Maybe a combination of things. We had 2 sick kids and a fairly busy schedule last weekend and yet we managed to make time for some really great sex. The kind that brings us closer and reminds us of why we love each other. I gotta find out the recipe…it was awesome and I want it to happen more often.

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