How Often Should You Have Sex If You’re Busy?

I thought about this question after reading two posts:

Pavlina’s point #6–Re-channel sex energy–struck a nerve. If you’re a busy creative dude, my recommendation is to only have sex once per week. Here’s why.

I’ve realized in the last few years that sex drive and creativity are intertwined. They may, actually, be one in the same. The more I’m getting laid, the less creative fuel I have for other projects. To put it another way, if I’m chasing tail and getting laid a lot, I’m usually in a work lull phase.  The emotional and physical output of really excellent sex drains my creative fuel tanks.

Like most other creative people, I work on projects besides my day job: writing gigs, freelance projects, athletic endeavors, business stuff. All of these require a high degree of attention and creativity. The chase for booty puts the brakes on all that.

Ideal Frequency

If I’m in a serious work phase, my ideal frequency is doing it once per week. That one session I qualify as a blow-out, wildebeast style cannonade session. A quickie doesn’t take much energy, so I don’t count it.

What I’ll do is a Saturday night thing with my girl and a followup in the morning. The rest of the week, I avoid poon and channel the sex energy into my other projects. It’s possible to break this into 2-3 smaller sessions during the week, say a couple of quickies and a more intense, longer session, but that is dicey. Athletes in training have been doing this forever, even going so far as to abstain from sex during a competitive season.

This may sound douchey, but it’s legit. Our sex drive feeds our creativity/ambition/motivation, so the more we get laid, the less driven we are is to accomplish cool shit. And I don’t mean ordinary stuff like going to the gym for a workout or a 9-5 job. Those things you can mail in. I mean working on high level creative projects, doing deals, running a business, dominating at life.

This is why you hear girlfriends grumble that they want sex more frequently than their boyfriends, because the boyfriends are expending all the sex energy on work.

If you’re single, I recommend identifying when you’re going into a work phase and simply cut down the number of chicks you’re dating. Game it so you’re only getting laid once per week. I’m okay with only getting laid twice per month if I’m in a particularly intense work/training phase. Let’s be serious here, what’s more important? Dominating at life or getting tail a few more times a month?

Once you’ve completed your project, take some time off, get a girlfriend, and make sweet lovin’ like rabbits. Manage this in cycles.

What About The Ladies

Ladies, is your sex drive tied to your creativity? Does it make you less motivated, ambitious, and creative to get laid constantly? Or, is it the opposite, where getting laid constantly revs up the creative engine? I suspect that it’s the opposite of a guy’s sex drive, where women gain more creativity if they’re getting laid often. Which is totally ironic.




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