How To Set Up A Perfect Date At Home

Date ideas for the summer are fun – going to the fair, going swimming or just hanging out in the backyard grilling. However, the romance really gets going when the temperature outside starts dropping. Cooler weather gives us the perfect opportunity for romantic date ideas – just think: fireplaces, snugly duvets, hot chocolate, romantic movies and comfort foods like pizza and pasta. Here is a great idea for getting cozy this winter.

You can either organize this date together as a couple, or you can use it as an excuse to create a sense of “togetherness” or “team spirit” in the relationship. Alternatively, for extra romance and excitement, you can organize a surprise date for your partner. One suggestion is to have a date at home and call it “Movie Night.”

The Makings Of A Good “Movie Night”

If you or your partner has kids, then the number one priority is finding a good baby sitter – or leaving the kids with their doting grandparents for the evening. After that, the night is all yours. While you may be tempted to plan an evening where you can watch movies with the kids, this doesn’t give your lover the feeling of romance at all. That would be considered more of a “family night,” which is a great idea for another time.

If You’re Surprising Your Partner

If the evening is a surprise for her, you can make her feel extra-special by organizing the movie night around her favorite things. My suggestion would be to choose a romantic “chick-flick” type movie and order her favorite take-out. Also, don’t even think about forgetting her favorite ice-cream or dessert!

A movie night full of romance means popcorn and junk food – so stock up on all of these. The more choice there is, the more she will see how much effort has been involved. Before she gets home, make sure everything is neat and tidy and that she does not have to do any work. You want her relaxed and pleasantly surprised.

Get The Place Ready

Set up the sitting room/television area with comfortable cushions and warm blankets – you could even put a mattress on the floor. Before you start the movie, chat about the good old days, about how the two of you met and what you thought at that moment. Look back at the travels and enjoyable times you two had together and all the fun moments. If need be, bring out the photo albums and browse through pictures of the two of you together and recall what was happening when that picture was taken. This is all part of the warm-up for later.

When You’re Ready For The Movie

After reminiscing about everything that you and your partner have gone through to get where you are today, it’s time to refill the wine/champagne/snifter glasses, dim the lighting and press play. Snuggle with her during the movie, hold hands and play footsie. Make sure you’re maintaining that flirty feeling throughout the movie – what you want her to do is to be thinking mostly about you but “pretending” to watch the movie. This is intense mental foreplay and works wonders for women!

Finally, when the movie is over and there is this “awww geesh” kind of feeling in the air, get up silently, switch on the CD and invite your lady to dance with you to your favorite song.

Taking The Evening A Little Farther

If you’ve done everything right and your girl is in the mood for love, she may start to flirt with you and get a little frisky. If you feel like this is where the evening is headed, let it! Kiss your partner deeply and release the passion you’ve been feeling for her since before you started the movie. Let her feel that you’ve been waiting for her all night long. She will respond to this very well and will most likely head to the bedroom with you for night of hot, passionate sex!

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