Leave Your Clothes On (Dick)

I love Summer. Jane wore a short skirt yesterday that she knows turns me on. The material is thin, slick to the touch, and has some stretch to it so when I squeeze her ass it feels like there’s no skirt there at all. Factor in her usual thong style underwear which leaves her totally bare butt just out of sight above the short hemline and I pretty much have a hard-on all day.

Last night we managed a little alone time and I wasted none of it before relieving her of her panties. Our usual routine involves complete skin on skin, fully naked fucking… but that skirt was just too hot to end up on the floor in a heap, I left it on her and entered from behind.

Jane’s ass is the sexy centerpiece of doggy style sex, it draws my eye seductively and commands my attention with every balls deep thrust I make. This night I left it covered with her skirt; my hands gripped on her hips and rear through the cool material, my imagination still picturing the fleshy curves of her wanton ass and pussy just above that hemline.

A few orgasms later her skirt was wet with the evidence of our lustful time together (sorry Jane!) and I was left even further enamoured by her short and sexy Summer garb. It’s hard for her to stay cool in the heat of Summer without lighting a flame under my desire to push her scanty clothes aside and fuck the sweat out of her.

Bring the heat, I can take it!

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