All Sex Positions
The Grand-daddy of all complete lists – if you can’t find it here it either doesn’t exist, or you should be in the circus! Jokes aside, if you know of one we don’t have, make sure to send it in so that we can put it on the to-do list, if it isn’t there already!

Ah, so many positions and so little time to try them all! Remember that there is always tomorrow… and make sure to add your feedback!


Her 68 Sex Position68 – Hers Oral Heaven – focus 100% on her while she simply relaxes – she’ll thank you for it! 69 less 68… she owes you one! :)




His 68 Sex Position68 – His It’s her turn to focus 100% on him, while he just soaks up the sensations! 69 less 68… he owes you one! :)




69 Give-as-you-get oral pleasure! It can almost be just too much to take … if so, be careful not to bite down TOO hard! :P




inverted 6969 – Inverted More give-as-you-get pleasure, just flipped over so he’s on top. Not much movement for her, so watch the periscope depth sailor!




Kneeling 69 Sex Position

69 – Kneeling Feel like adding a considerable lift to your lay (day)? Try this one – but for the sturdier of back and strong of arm only…




69 – Sideways Total comfort and dual oral – who could reasonably ask for more? Lick, suck, rest… lick, suck, rest… you get the idea!




Sitting 69 Sex Position

69 – Sitting Feel like adding a little lift to your lay (day)? For those who like a challenge but aren’t quite up to the Standing or Kneeling oral sex versions.




Standing 69 Sex Position

69 – Standing Feeling like adding a really BIG lift to your lay (day)? For the sturdiest of backs and strongest of arm only… steady there Big Boy!




acrobat sex position

Acrobat Some balance required – but no high wire! Whether you need a safety net (or not) depends on how high you fly!




Amazon Sex Position

Amazon Go wild… the receiver might need help sustaining the exploration, but will love the trip. No leeches either – bonus!




Amazon – Kneeling Exploring the wild can tire out even the fiercest explorer; it’s a jungle out there! Anything helps, so we thought we’d create a simplified version of our original version of Amazon.




Amazon – Kneeling Reverse A perfect hold for sexy beasts that don’t need to keep an eye on their prey. Besides, who’d want to escape this grip anyway!?




Reverse Amazon Sex Position

Amazon – Reverse A return trip to the wild side of life… only via a different route! A good job for you that you have a trusty lookout up there.



Arch Sex Position

Arch Look, here it is… for those givers with no directional sense and who need a little encouragement, a can’t miss position!



Armchair Sex Position

Arm Chair Not quite as comfortable as the name implies, a rocking good time none-the-less! Now where did he leave the darn remote…?



Asian Cowgirl Sex Position

Asian Cowgirl ‘Giddy-up’… equestrians will be at a definite advantage here! She’ll have him taking the fences in no time.




Reverse Asian Cowgirl Sex Position

Asian Cowgirl – Reverse‘  Giddy-up’ in reverse… for those who like to see where they are cumming from, rather than where they are cumming to! :)




Atten-hut Sex Position

Atten-hut This 5-fingered salute is one that is sure to make you stand to attention! You don’t want to go off half-cocked… steady now!




*Ballerina Sex Position

Ballerina Ok-ok … we know that the slightly arthritic are raising their eyes (rather than their leg) toward heaven, but for those who can-can … do-do!




basset hound Sex position

Basset Hound It’s a dog’s life, “Woof, woof”. This one is for those who like to get down with their sex… way down! He’s a “Lucky Dog” I say!!




Bend Dover Sex Position

Ben Dover …and Phil McCavity… groan!! Sex and stretching… a great warm-up if you want to try our Sexercise section!




Bended Knee Sex Positions

Bended Knee A perfect ‘proposal’ position… who needs a ring? Hey, it’s Leap Year and she’s on her knees too. Here’s your big chance girls!





bent spoon sex position

Bent Spoon Even if you find the position tough – keep trying… abs of steel for those who persevere!




Big Dipper You won’t need a telescope to see the benefits of working your partner with these titillating triceps dips; they can also double as your spotter! If you don’t have arms of steel now…




bodyguard sex position

Bodyguard The only extra protection you might need is a condom… with the Bodyguard to cover your back you are safe to relax!




Book Ends position

Book Ends How else would you expect to find a Missionary? No need to pray here – it looks like they have already been answered!




Booster Seat This one doesn’t come with seat belts or safety nets. Hopefully the receiver won’t get e-jected until first being in-jected with pleasure!




Bridge Sex Positions

Bridge A Bridge Too Far? Not for those flexible and strong enough to go out there and give it their all for their comrade.




Brute Sex Position

Brute Giddy-up… in reverse. For those who like to see where they are cumming from, rather than where they are cumming to! :)




Bulldog Sex Position

Bulldog A tip from the canine world… use those haunches for flexible positioning and maximum leverage!




Bumper Cars Sex Position

Bumper Cars For when you can’t stand the sight of each other any more – but they are still a really good lay! Just kidding! :)




The Butler Sex Position

Butler “You rang?… it’s awfully dark out there ma’am, either that or this peephole needs a darn good dusting!




Butterfly Sex Position

Butterfly Beauty in its simplicity… flying isn’t just for the birds – wing your way over the top with this one!




Cinema Stroke Although its origins can be traced back to blowjobs at the movie theater, this versatile pose can be done while parked in a car or behind a counter – just don’t get caught!



Cowboy Sex Position

Cowboy Saddle-up; you could be in for a heck of a ride. Just be a gent and remember to take the spurs off first – ouch!!




cowgirl sex position

Cowgirl ‘Saddle-up’ – you could be in for a heck of a ride too… she could even leave the spurs on if you really want!!




Crab In the spirit of all things great and small, we wanted to name this after a basic crustacean. If you happen to get caught in its claws, you won’t be disappointed.




cradle sex position

Cradle This one is so much fun you will want to take it from the Cradle to the… well, it sure would be a great way to go, wouldn’t it?!




Cross Sex Position

Cross For all you missionaries out there, you’ll enjoy this one – just don’t get hung up on it. :) It’s soooo comfortable & gives a great view too.




Dancer Sex Position

Dancer You’ve turned up the heat – now turn up the volume, get down to the beat and get intimate with the Dancer – but mind the toes. Ouch!




deck chair sex position

Deck Chair Take it easy in the Deck Chair and go for the G spot with deep penetration – something for both of you ;)




Deep Impact Sex Position

Deep Impact Here’s something for the girl who wants her man on his knees, giving all he’s got – but no proposal.




deep stick sex position

Deep Stick Deep stick – it is what it says on the can… Deep! Any size, any where. Enjoy that long intimate stroke – but go slow for best effect!




Delight Sex Positions

Delight The Delight is delightfully intimate, gentle as the Butterfly, stings like a bee, but sweet as honey




Doggy Style Sex Position

Doggy Style Everybody loves their Doggy – woof woof. (“Off the furniture, boy”!). You would have to be barking mad not to try this one…




Standing Doggy Style

Doggy Style – Standing This one will knock you off your feet if you don’t hold on tight. All that thrusting gives a great quad workout. Phew!




downstroke sex position

Downstroke Getting to the bottom with Downstroke. Here’s something for those who love a challenge. Especially when the reward is infinitely worth the effort.




Drill Sex Position

Drill Drill to thrill? Yes please :) Hold on with your vice like grip for deep penetration and sustained pleasure.




Drive-Thru Sex Position

Drive-Thru Here’s a Drive-Thru with a difference ;) Be respectful and don’t forget to place your order before you chow down.




Ear Muffs Ever heard of the three wise monkeys? Here it is, ‘See all, hear all and say nothing’. Just enjoy … the occasional “Mmmmmmm” will suffice :) 3 wise what?



Eve's Ecstasy Sex Position

Eve’s Ecstasy Eve’s Ecstasy is all about control, stimulation and access. While the performer lays back and chows down.




Ex Sex Position

Ex Sex For those for whom the journey is more important than the destination… “Now I know I left her here somewhere!”




Fuck Face Sex Position

Fuck Face Ok – the name might not win any awards for subtlety, but it is what it says on the label – and it sure takes some licking!




Face Off How’s that for a way to settle your differences? Except in this battle, both of you end up winning!




Feedbag You can get as dirty as you like, so go ahead; wrap a pair of legs around your muzzle and chow down. That’s some tasty feed you’ve got there!




Final Furlong They’re at the gate, the bell sounds … and they’re off! This is one ride you can’t run out of steam on, at least not until you’ve both crossed the finish line!




Fire Hydrant Females aren’t supposed to lift their legs to… *groan*. Jokes aside, trust us, she’ll love every minute of doing it one-legged, doggy style!




folded deck chair sex position

Folded Deck Chair OK here’s a Deck Chair that needs a little more effort from the receiver, & offers more control to the giver, but pleasures you both.




Forbidden Fruit A forbidden fruit recommended more than five times a day to keep the doctor away. This is a diet to die for!




Frog Leap

Frog Leap Even if your frog is no prince – he can still service your lily pad from behind, before you over cook those legs.




Fusion This variation on the Armchair is not for relaxing, in fact it is so exciting it might just Fuse you both together.




Game's on Sex Position

Game’s On Wow…. Game On! Bring it on – it’s not intimate but it sure makes for good viewing while dining out.




Golden Gate If you can bridge the gap, there will be pleasures waiting for the two of you on either end; truly a thrill-seekers 69!




sideways 68 sex position

Head Rest Laying on your side head-to-toe means you can ‘get hit’ by all kinds of intimate, sexy oral fun. Deee-licious…




Head Rush Just hanging around; no strings attached either! There’s just one question – will the blood be rushing to the head or to the…?




Intersextion Most accidents happen at the intersextion, so make sure you get in to the right lane, unless you want to get rear-ended!!




Jack Hammer Sex Position

Jack Hammer A tool that really rattles your teeth and fills your cavities. Hard work was never so much fun.




jellyfish sex positions

Jellyfish You don’t have to go for a swim to get a sting from this Jellyfish! Just enjoy the motion of the ocean.




Jockey Sex Position

Jockey The Jockey is going nowhere fast … he’s here for the whole ride. Giddyup, go easy on the crop!




Inverted Jockey Sex Positions

Jockey – Inverted Saddle-sore from the regular Cowboy? Nope, just coming on down to take up a more intimate position. Aw, shucks…




Jugghead If you find yourself inextricably placed in a vegetative state when overpowered by a pair of exceptionally large breasts, then you truly are a Ju’GG’head! But fear not, any size is great – it’s the thought that counts!




Lap Dance All the excitement of the Club – but without others watching you. So many places you can try this without even leaving home.




Lap Dance – Kneeling Looking into each other’s eyes is nice and all, but so is the view from behind. The receiver won’t mind either; you can touch them all over, and they won’t expect what’s coming next!




Launch Pad This is mission control calling all sex-tronauts. Approach target; you will have lift-off in 3-2-1… take-off! Do not abort – this is one ride too good to miss.




Leg Glider Sex Position

Leg Glider For all you high flyers, Gliding is a great way to reach for the sky, catapulting you into the great blue yonder. Strap yourselves in for take-off.




Licking the Flag Pole Sex Position

Licking the Flag Pole You don’t want her putting the flag to half-mast after you’ve finished… show her the colors and your pole might be next!




Little Dipper The receiver definitely won’t need to wear shoulder pads after pumping their arms (and his love muscle) in this exercise of seduction! That’s quite a workout bench you’ve got there!




lotus sex position

Lotus This one is very intimate and sooo relaxing – breath deep and slow, just make sure you don’t nod off.




Kneeling Lotus Sex Position

Lotus – Kneeling Like the regular Lotus, this one will have you praying enthusiastically for more! Meditate as you copulate.




Lunges Sex Position

Lunges Who needs to go to the gym for a great workout? Have a look at our Sexercise section for more great ideas!




Mastery Sex Position

Mastery Master this one for intimacy, tenderness … and good old lust! Sweet moments were made for this, so relax and enjoy.




Mastery – Kneeling It’s a full frontal lap dance! Get the double the effect of Mastery with half the effort. You can just keep going and going and going..




Suspended Mastery Sex Position

Mastery – Suspended When all the tenderness and intimacy of Mastery gets too much, break off for minute and let it all hang out.




Mirror of Pleasure

Mirror of Pleasure Reflect on how good this position looks and feels, and you might want to see it happen again and again…




Missionary Actually nothing to do with Christian Missionaries as this one has been around since ancient times! But it never hurts to pray for more.




Inverted Missionary Sex Position

Missionary – Inverted Again, not a Christian Missionary (upside-down or right-way up) – it’s just Women’s Lib in action, with the lady on top.




Monkey Bar All those years of ‘hanging around’ are sure to pay off now – climb on and start swinging; crazy monkey noises are optional. Just don’t lose your grip; you don’t have a long enough tail to hang on with … do you?




Oral Therapy Sex Position

Oral Therapy A visit to the Shrink was surely never this good! A great example of the Little Head getting the very best treatment.




Overpass No point being stuck going nowhere, when you can take a route that helps you cum and go!




pearly gates sex position

Pearly Gates If you are looking for the gates to heaven, you may have found them! Just make sure St. Peter isn’t watching, unless of course you want him to…




Peepshow Sex Position

Peepshow Peek-a-boo! Come out of the shadows and into the light… do this one right and you’ll be taking curtain-calls all night.




Pie in the Sky Sex Position

Pie in the Sky Yummy!! Better than Momma’s best baking… this one will have you salivating for more – careful with the hot gravy now!




pile driver sex position

Pile Driver This one will really rock your socks. Not for the faint of heart or those looking for a ‘tender moment’.




Pile Driver – Reverse This lets you plunge it in deep, but execute carefully or you may find yourself driving your lover to the emergency room, instead of ecstasy!




pirate's bounty Sex Position

Pirate’s Bounty You don’t need to have a Treasure Chest to enjoy this one, but it doesn’t hurt if you do. He’ll just be grateful that you walked his plank




Piston With the added leverage from the chaise, you can really get your engine pumping. Just don’t go overboard; you don’t want to break your crankshaft.




Plumber Sex Positions

Plumber The Plumber’s Crack takes on a whole new meaning! Shouldn’t he be the one checking out her pipes for leaks?




Poles Apart  Sex Position

Poles Apart Included because anything might be possible if you believe in it hard & long enough (puns intended).




prison guard sex position

Prison Guard Who would want to ‘break-out’ of this one? Guys – show some restraint here or you may end up in solitary!




pump sex position

Pump The pump can be a great way to inflate your partner, but make sure you have good balance to avoid injuries!




Rear Entry Sex Positions

Rear Entry No – not where the domestic help enters… unless you give ‘payment-in-kind’. Surprisingly intimate to say it could be anyone back there!




Riding Astride Side saddle can seem so prim & proper, but if your ride bucks, all bets are off – both of you better hold on tight!




Riding the Face Sex Position

Riding The North Face Get a secure hold because things can change fast up there… just mind out where you put those crampons.




Riding the South Face For those cunnilingus connoisseurs who like to take the back country route. And if she’s in the mood to go south on you while you’re exploring her territory, bonus!




Rodeo Sex Positions

Rodeo Ride your bull, or buck your bronco – either way you are in for a ride! The clown can’t get in your way – he is underneath you :)




Scarf Sex Position

Scarf Guaranteed to warm things up… the Scarf is great for all weathers. No need for hat and gloves though – unless you’re outdoors




Scissors Sex Position

Scissors If you want to be on the cutting-edge of position variety give this one a try. It’s different, but not too difficult – a snip really!




Scissors – Seated It’s a leg lock gone wildly out of hand, but in a very good way. Can you tell who’s winning? You know … it doesn’t really matter does it!?



Screw Sex Position

Screw The name says it all. Gyrate those hips and be grateful that this is one thread you can’t strip even if you get over-excited.




Seesaw Sex Position

See-Saw Don’t try this one in the playground – unless you want to get arrested! A nice, smooth action where no-one gets the bumps…




Side Rider Sex Position

Side Rider Side Rider is like riding side-saddle; it looks much more comfortable than it is. No wonder she looks like she is getting ready to hop off the bus!




side to side sex positions

Side to Side A good transitional position as you try out all the rest, or a great way to take a breather without breaking it off (the action that is!)




Sitting Bull Sex Position

Sitting Bull You might not just say ‘How!’, but ‘Why?’. The how we can explain, the why is up to you … maybe it’s just because you can!




standing missionary position

Slow Dance You might think that from that angle he doesn’t have a prayer of penetrating; but miracles CAN happen!




Snake Charmer You’ll find yourselves hypnotized with sexual ecstasy, that is if you play the right tune on their flute! If the serpent starts to dance on its own, you may have found yourself a new career!




Sockets Sex Position

Sockets Any difficulty in plugging-in will be more than compensated by the buzz and tingle as the friction sets you both alight..




Southern Exposure Sounds like a version of a drink that will leave you with a REAL Comfort-able ‘hang-over’. I’ll take mine shaken – not stirred!




Spoons Sex Position

Spoons No – not the kind you eat your cereal with… This position is cozy and comfortable, and it makes a great way to start or finish a day!




Spread Eagle Sex Position

Spread Eagle Help her find those thermals and she can soar with the birds! Follow her lead, don’t you get greedy and dive too soon..




Stand & Carry

Stand and Carry Remember proper lift technique; straight back and bent legs. Weightlifters, don’t get carried away – this isn’t the official ‘Snatch’.




Super-Woman It’s looks as though our horny heroine is in store for a super infusion, and she doesn’t appear to need her super suit to fly either – her lover’s got a magic carpet to ride!




Suplex – Her Wrestling purists will see that this isn’t the exact form of the move, but in the grand scheme of things, our lovers are more than happy to be pinned to one another.




Suplex Sex Position

Suplex – His A wrestling move that’s sure to blow him over – and he won’t tap out to be let back up, but he sure will beg for more!




Sybian Ladies, who needs a do-it-yourself lovemaking machine when you’ve got the real thing? All you Cowgirl fans saddle up!




Sybian – Reverse Equestrians don’t ride their stallions like this, but ladies who like deep penetration do! Do leave your spurs off, your partner will appreciate it … unless they require a bit of discipline!




Teaspoons A ‘compact’ form of spoons, teaspoons is an idyllic way to pass the time … as the Brits would say, “Anyone for Tea?”




throat swab

Throat Swab “Open wide”, but who says “Aaaaaagh” here? Real patient power… playing doctor, but with the patient GIVING the treatment!




Turtle This should bring even the most shy out of their shell! Slow and steady… sometimes it’s the turtle who catches the hare!




Twisted Doggy Sex Positions

Twisted Doggy Here’s the Doggy most suited to anal sex – if that’s your fancy. It’s challenging but good fun trying.




twister sex position

Twister A much more fun variation on the floor game. A great way to REALLY get to know all each other’s important little places.




Under the Cuckoo’s Nest If you see your bird perched in this position, don’t let it fly away without paying their roost a visit. They’ll give you plenty to snack on if you burrow yourself in their nest.




Under the Hood Sex Position

Under the Hood Calling amateur car mechanics everywhere… this is one time you won’t mind losing your dipstick!




Under the Sink In order to get a better look at the other partner’s plumbing, the giver’s got to go down under. But if the pipes burst, they’ll have no choice but to plunge-her!




the usual sex position

Usual If you are fortunate enough to be able to call this the Usual… all we can say is “You Lucky B*st*rd!”




Vicotry Sex Position

Victory Churchill’s famous ‘V’ takes on a totally new meaning as SHE reaches for the sky! This is the ORIGINAL high-flying Victory Roll!!




Viennese Oyster Sex Position

Viennese Oyster No-one said you have to swallow an oyster for it to be considered an aphrodisiac … here’s an alternative!




Wheelbarrow Sex Position

Wheelbarrow With a little imagination (& if he is excited enough) this one could be re-titled the Three-Legged Wheelbarrow Race… :P




Inverted Missionary Head to Toe Sex Position

Worm The skill is in the positioning. The pleasure is in the viewing. The added value is the pec workout.




YMCA Our version will have something for both of you to enjoy. It’ll be so fun to stay at the Y that the M-C-A will just have to wait..



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