Cowgirl Family
For those who like to be in control, the cowgirl family of sex positions puts you in the right position… on top. Make sure to try out as many as you feel comfortable trying to figure out which feels the best!

If you find that you are experiencing a lot of “slippage”, then the receiving partner should try spinning around 180 degrees…

Click on any position to get the full 3D Animated effect.


Amazon Sex Position

Amazon Go wild… the receiver might need help sustaining the exploration, but will love the trip. No leeches either – bonus!




Amazon – Kneeling Exploring the wild can tire out even the fiercest explorer; it’s a jungle out there! Anything helps, so we thought we’d create a simplified version of our original version of Amazon.




Amazon – Kneeling Reverse A perfect hold for sexy beasts that don’t need to keep an eye on their prey. Besides, who’d want to escape this grip anyway!?




Reverse Amazon Sex Position

Amazon – Reverse A return trip to the wild side of life… only via a different route! A good job for you that you have a trusty lookout up there.




Armchair Sex Position

Arm Chair Not quite as comfortable as the name implies, a rocking good time none-the-less! Now where did he leave the darn remote…?




Asian Cowgirl Sex Position

Asian Cowgirl ‘Giddy-up’… equestrians will be at a definite advantage here! She’ll have him taking the fences in no time.




Reverse Asian Cowgirl Sex Position

Asian Cowgirl – Reverse‘  Giddy-up’ in reverse… for those who like to see where they are cumming from, rather than where they are cumming to! :)



cowgirl sex position

Cowgirl ‘Saddle-up’ – you could be in for a heck of a ride too… she could even leave the spurs on if you really want!!




Crab In the spirit of all things great and small, we wanted to name this after a basic crustacean. If you happen to get caught in its claws, you won’t be disappointed.



Fusion This variation on the Armchair is not for relaxing, in fact it is so exciting it might just Fuse you both together.




Lap Dance – Kneeling Looking into each other’s eyes is nice and all, but so is the view from behind. The receiver won’t mind either; you can touch them all over, and they won’t expect what’s coming next!




Lunges Sex Position

Lunges Who needs to go to the gym for a great workout? Have a look at our Sexercise section for more great ideas!




Riding Astride Side saddle can seem so prim & proper, but if your ride bucks, all bets are off – both of you better hold on tight!




Riding the Face Sex Position

Riding The North Face Get a secure hold because things can change fast up there… just mind out where you put those crampons.




Riding the South Face For those cunnilingus connoisseurs who like to take the back country route. And if she’s in the mood to go south on you while you’re exploring her territory, bonus!




Rodeo Sex Positions

Rodeo Ride your bull, or buck your bronco – either way you are in for a ride! The clown can’t get in your way – he is underneath you :)




Seesaw Sex Position

See-Saw Don’t try this one in the playground – unless you want to get arrested! A nice, smooth action where no-one gets the bumps…




Side Rider Sex Position

Side Rider Side Rider is like riding side-saddle; it looks much more comfortable than it is. No wonder she looks like she is getting ready to hop off the bus!



Sybian Ladies, who needs a do-it-yourself lovemaking machine when you’ve got the real thing? All you Cowgirl fans saddle up!




Sybian – Reverse Equestrians don’t ride their stallions like this, but ladies who like deep penetration do! Do leave your spurs off, your partner will appreciate it … unless they require a bit of discipline!


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