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One of the reasons our regular readers love us is that we are a real couple; we have real sex, we have a real relationship, and we have real lives.

This month… that also means a real family vacation and a brief shift of focus away from our sexy blogging personas. But don’t despair, we have some fun lined up.

We know you’re here, there are nearly 900 of you per day discovering our site. Take a moment to look around and find what our regular readers keep coming back for.

You’re in charge while we are away. Please be hospitable to the new folks and show them around while we’re gone, maybe leave a comment below with a recommendation pointing them to something good. When we return we’ll pick one of you to receive a 25% off shopping spree in our new store!

Every month I compile a list of the “Most Read Posts” and display it on our site. In doing so, I have noticed a trend… the most visited entries are those with the most explicit pictures! You’re all a bunch of perverts, which is why we love you!

Jane and I have come up with our own short list of recommendations to keep you reading (not just peeping) until we return with new sexy stories to tell. They are a mix of humor, information, and revealing details about us. In no particular order they are:
Jane Recommends:
Bum Rap
Prostate Massage Tips
Trigger Happy
Dick Recommends:
The Way to a Man’s Heart
The Sexiest Thing She Had On
The Cialis Effect

We’ll be back in a couple-few weeks to check in with you. Until then, we’ve seen to it that Hot Pics will continue to roll out some hot stuff every day. We hope your Summer gets off to a sexy, fun start! Cheers!

Dick and Jane are sex positive bloggers sharing intimate moments and sexy ideas.

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