Roundtable Results: Sexual Compatibility

Cheetahs! This post is a bit late, but I’d like to give big props to the following bloggers who participated in our blogger roundtable on sexual compatibility. I’m a big fan of community building and I love when bloggers participate and write on a single topic. You always get a diverse set of perspectives.

Here’s a quick rundown of each post:

Honey recounts two experiences from her sordid past where the sex just clicked and she talks about her companionship with Jake, who she is now engaged too.

Kendra Holliday aka The Beautiful Kind wrote a hard hitting post about how important sex is to a relationship and she encourages everyone to “think outside the cage.” This one is like a bullet to the dome and not to be missed.

Hot Alpha Female talks about the irrelevance of sexual compatibility, she lays out what she thinks is important to relationships, and then she gives some high level tips on getting chicks to jump your bones. Definitely check this one out.

The gals at break it down concisely the 3 best ways to if you’re ready for single parent sex.

JYD, a contributor to, surveys a group of his female friends on the topics of sexual compatibility and differences between that and physical attraction.

Kiera, one of my favorite blogger sluts, shares a bit of personal history and describes her kinks, which makes compatibility a huge issue for her. Check out the pic of her with a belt around her neck. Would you be able to handle a chick like that?

Finally, I fired off a simple yet highly effective technique for bringing up the topic of sex and thus identifying sexual compatibility on early dates.


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