Schoolgirl spanking: a favourite fantasy

Schoolgirl spanked with a slipper

Pleated skirts. Cotton knickers. Pigtails. “Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” Books pressed to the chest. A wooden desk with a hole for an inkwell. Shorthand for a fantasy so familiar that we don’t even question where it’s coming from, how it works.

Schoolgirl spanking fantasy is central to my spanking kink, and, if I judge by the searches on this blog, it’s a favourite with a great many other people too. If you ask video producers about some of the requests they get, you’re likely to hear that schoolgirl spanking never stops being popular.

Schoolgirl spanked over the knee

There are only so many ways in which you can spank a schoolgirl, only so many scenarios you can come up with. It gets repetitive, it slides along the same rails over and over, and yet we don’t tire of it. Why?

Obviously, I can’t speak for you, but here are some of the things I enjoy about schoolgirl spanking:

  • The natural imbalance of power. Be it a prefect or a teacher, they wield the sort of power that lets them impose their will on me without question or appeal.
  • Institutional nature. School rules are simple and unbending, and there is no way to escape their strictures. Most people go through their whole lives without seeing the inside of a prison, but for most of us there’s no escape from 10 or more years of obeying the school rules.
  • Inherent lawfulness. At least in my fantasies, spanking is the right and proper response to misbehaviour. There’s no dubious ethics involved in, say, offering somebody a spanking as an alternative to dismissal: prefects and teachers are acting in accordance with law and custom.
  • Uniforms! Need I explain?

I can take just about unlimited amount of schoolgirl spanking movies and stories. I know they’re very similar. I don’t mind.

Worried schoolgirl sitting on a dorm bed

How about you? Does the schoolgirl spanking fantasy work for you? Do you know why?


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