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Arm Chair


Asian Cowgirl

  ‘Giddy-up’… equestrians will be at a definite advantage here! She’ll have him taking the fences in no time.


  This variation on the Armchair is not for relaxing, in fact it is so exciting it might just Fuse you both together.


  Who needs to go to the gym for a great workout? Have a look at our Sexercise section for more great ideas!


  Ride your bull, or buck your bronco – either way you are in for a ride!


  Don’t try this one in the playground – unless you want to get arrested! A nice, smooth action where no-one gets the bumps…

Side Rider

  Side Rider is like riding side-saddle; it looks much more comfortable than it is. No wonder she looks like she is getting ready to hop off the bus!