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  This 5-fingered salute is one that is sure to make you stand to attention! You don’t want to go off half-cocked… steady now!

Fuck Face

  Ok – the name might not win any awards for subtlety, but it is what it says on the label – and it sure takes some licking! 

Games On

  Wow…. Game On! Bring it on – it’s not intimate but it sure makes for good viewing while dining out.

Jack Hammer

  A tool that really rattles your teeth and fills your cavities. Hard work was never so much fun.

Oral Therapy

  A visit to the Shrink was surely never this good! A great example of the Little Head getting the very best treatment.


  Peek-a-boo! Come out of the shadows and into the light… do this one right and you’ll be taking curtain-calls all night.

Southern Exposure

  Sounds like a version of a drink that will leave you with a REAL Comfort-able ‘hang-over’. I’ll take mine shaken – not stirred!

Throat Swab

  “Open wide”, but who says “Aaaaaagh” here? Real patient power… playing doctor, but with the patient GIVING the treatment!