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68 – Hers

68 – His


69 – Inverted


69 – Kneeling


69 – Sideways


69 – Sitting

  To get into this position the lifting partner needs a fair amount of strength and a little bit of patience… The lifter should start by sitting down in a fairly high chair and help their partner maneuver into position, with the lifted partner placing their head between the lifter’s legs while wrapping their own […]


69 – Standing

  Feeling like adding a really BIG lift to your lay (day)? For the sturdiest of backs and strongest of arm only… steady there Big Boy! Don’t even think about trying the Standing 69 position unless the lifting partner can squat the same weight as that of the other partner. To get into this position the lifting […]


  This 5-fingered salute is one that is sure to make you stand to attention! You don’t want to go off half-cocked… steady now!


  Here’s a Drive-Thru with a difference. Be respectful and don’t forget to place your order before you chow down. In the Drive-Thru the performing partner sits on the floor (leaning slightly back) and has their partner stand spread-legged over their face. The position is popular because the both the giver and receiver have a great […]

Ear Muffs

  Ever heard of the three wise monkeys? Here it is, ‘See all, hear all and say nothing’. Just enjoy … the occasional “Mmmmmmm” will suffice 3 wise what? 

Eves Ecstacy

  Eve’s Ecstasy is all about control, stimulation and access. While the performer lies back and chows down.

Fuck Face

  Ok – the name might not win any awards for subtlety, but it is what it says on the label – and it sure takes some licking! 

Games On

  Wow…. Game On! Bring it on – it’s not intimate but it sure makes for good viewing while dining out.

Licking the Flag Pole

  You don’t want her putting the flag to half-mast after you’ve finished… show her the colors and your pole might be next!

Oral Therapy

  A visit to the Shrink was surely never this good! A great example of the Little Head getting the very best treatment.


  Peek-a-boo! Come out of the shadows and into the light… do this one right and you’ll be taking curtain-calls all night.


  Guaranteed to warm things up… the Scarf is great for all weathers. No need for hat and gloves though – unless you’re outdoors.

Southern Exposure

  Sounds like a version of a drink that will leave you with a REAL Comfort-able ‘hang-over’. I’ll take mine shaken – not stirred!

Spread Eagle

  Help her find those thermals and she can soar with the birds! Follow her lead, don’t you get greedy and dive too soon…

Throat Swab

  “Open wide”, but who says “Aaaaaagh” here? Real patient power… playing doctor, but with the patient GIVING the treatment!

Under the Hood

  Calling amateur car mechanics everywhere… this is one time you won’t mind losing your dipstick!