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Ben Dover

  …and Phil McCavity… groan!! Sex and stretching… a great warm-up if you want to try our Sexercise section!

Bended Knee

  A perfect ‘proposal’ position… who needs a ring? Hey, it’s Leap Year and she’s on her knees too. Here’s your big chance girls!

Bent Spoon

  Even if you find the position tough – keep trying… abs of steel for those who persevere!


  The only extra protection you might need is a condom… with the Bodyguard to cover your back you are safe to relax! 


  A Bridge Too Far? Not for those flexible and strong enough to go out there and give it their all for their comrade.


  Giddy-up… in reverse. For those who like to see where they are cumming from, rather than where they are cumming to! 


  A tip from the canine world… use those haunches for flexible positioning and maximum leverage!

Bumper Cars

  For when you can’t stand the sight of each other anymore – but they are still a really good lay! Just kidding!


  Beauty in its simplicity… flying isn’t just for the birds – wing your way over the top with this one!


  Saddle-up; you could be in for a heck of a ride. Just be a gent and remember to take the spurs off first – ouch!! 

Deep Stick

  Deep stick – it is what it says on the can… Deep! Any size, anywhere. Enjoy that long intimate stroke – but go slow for best effect!


  This one is so much fun you will want to take it from the Cradle to the… well, it sure would be a great way to go, wouldn’t it?!


  For all you missionaries out there, you’ll enjoy this one – just don’t get hung up on it. It’s soooo comfortable & gives a great view too. 


  You’ve turned up the heat – now turn up the volume, get down to the beat and get intimate with the Dancer – but mind the toes. Ouch!

Deck Chair

  Take it easy in the Deck Chair and go for the G spot with deep penetration – something for both of you.

Deep Impact

  Here’s something for the girl who wants her man on his knees, giving all he’s got – but no proposal.


  The Delight is delightfully intimate, gentle as the Butterfly, stings like a bee, but sweet as honey.

Doggy Style

  Everybody loves their Doggy – woof woof. (“Off the furniture, boy”!). You would have to be barking mad not to try this one… 

Down Stroke

  Getting to the bottom with Down stroke. Here’s something for those who love a challenge. Especially when the reward is infinitely worth the effort. 


  Drill to thrill? Yes please Hold on with your vice like grip for deep penetration and sustained pleasure.


  Here’s a Drive-Thru with a difference. Be respectful and don’t forget to place your order before you chow down. In the Drive-Thru the performing partner sits on the floor (leaning slightly back) and has their partner stand spread-legged over their face. The position is popular because the both the giver and receiver have a great […]

Eves Ecstacy

  Eve’s Ecstasy is all about control, stimulation and access. While the performer lies back and chows down.

Folded Deck Chair

  OK here’s a Deck Chair that needs a little more effort from the receiver, & offers more control to the giver, but pleasures you both. 

Forbidden Fruit

  A forbidden fruit recommended more than five times a day to keep the doctor away. This is a diet to die for!

Frog Leap

  Even if your frog is no prince – he can still service your lily pad from behind, before you over cook those legs.

Fuck Face

  Ok – the name might not win any awards for subtlety, but it is what it says on the label – and it sure takes some licking! 

Games On

  Wow…. Game On! Bring it on – it’s not intimate but it sure makes for good viewing while dining out.


  Most accidents happen at the intersextion, so make sure you get in to the right lane, unless you want to get rear-ended!!

Jack Hammer

  A tool that really rattles your teeth and fills your cavities. Hard work was never so much fun.


Mastery   Master this one for intimacy, tenderness … and good old lust! Sweet moments were made for this, so relax and enjoy.


  You don’t have to go for a swim to get a sting from this Jellyfish! Just enjoy the motion of the ocean.


  The Jockey is going nowhere fast … he’s here for the whole ride. Giddy up, go easy on the crop!

Lap Dance

  All the excitement of the Club – but without others watching you. So many places you can try this without even leaving home.