Top 10 Best Dangerous Places To Have Sex (Video)

Sex can be a lot of fun when you have it in different places – moving out of the bedroom can be all you need to bring back the spark between you and your lover. Many people love the thrill of having public sex, and some even love the idea of having sex in dangerous places. Here are the ten most danger filled places to get busy.


Sex in the places named in this article can be very dangerous and could result in you or your partner getting very seriously hurt or dying. Proceed at your own risk.

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High Up In A Tree

Take hunting to the next level by having sex in a tree stand. Or, if you really like to rough it, just make your next tree climbing adventure a little more sexy! Be aware that you could fall out – which can really hurt if you’re high up! Bonus points if you have a tree house to spend the night in.

On Top Of The High Diving Board Over An Olympic Size Pool

The views from a high dive are amazing, and having sex on the high dive can make you feel like you’re floating above the pool with almost nothing holding you up. This one can end badly though – if you have rough sex or get going too fast, you may very well fall off and into the pool. A back or belly flop may not be the worst thing, but if you hit the concrete, you’re in trouble.

While Rock Climbing

If you really want to connect with nature while feeling the thrill of having sex in a dangerous place, try having sex while rock climbing. Don’t try this on your first rock climb though – get to know the area and become experienced with rock climbing before trying to get busy on the ropes. If you do, make sure you and your lover are completely harnessed and that you have a third party around to call an ambulance if things end badly.

While Skydiving

You probably can’t get much more than a handjob or possibly oral sex in while skydiving, but the thrill is the same nonetheless. Again, don’t try to do this on your first skydive. Get a feel for it before you decide what can and can’t be accomplished on a dive.

In A Bucket Truck As High As The Bucket Will Go

This one is a little safer than some of the other suggestions here, but still carries risk with it regardless. If you know someone who owns a bucket truck, ask if you can borrow it for a few hours to “cut a tree limb” in your yard. Push the bucket up as high as it will go and join your partner for a sexy romp in the sky. Make sure to harness yourself in with the proper equipment!

On The Back Of A Pickup Truck While Going Down The Freeway

This one is just plain risky and can end very badly if there’s a wreck or the hatch in the back falls down. Bring a blanket with you and find a way that you can tie or belt yourselves in if you absolutely must try it.

On Top Of A Moving Train

Again, this one is very, very risky. There’s really no way to make this safer, because you can’t belt yourself in or use safety harnesses in any way. If you must have sex on top of a train, try doing it when the train is at the station and you can just pretend you’re moving.

In A Window Washing Basket

If you really like the idea of having public sex, a window washing basket is going to be right up your alley. There is some risk associated here, so make sure you’re strapped in properly before getting it on. The idea of doing it right in front of a window with no holds barred can be extremely erotic!

On The Ledge Of A High Rise Building

Much like having sex on a moving train, there really is no way to make doing it on the ledge of a high rise building any safer. Try doing it up against the window and looking out at the street below instead – or you may just fall off the ledge and be falling towards the street below head first!

In Your Car In The Summer With The Windows Up

Sweaty sex is good sex, but there’s a line that is crossed when you consider having sex in your car in the summer with the windows up. You could definitely experience heat stroke and pass out, dying of heat suffocation before you can come to. If you must have sex in your car in the summer, crack the window!

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