Toying With My Tool Box (Dick)

Another quiet Sunday morning routine… Jane woke me up by giving me a hard-on and then disappeared out the door to work. What’s a guy to do? Get creative, that’s what.

We bought a Hitachi Magic Wand for Jane a few years ago and it is an incredible orgasm extractor… want it or not, put that rumbler between Jane’s legs and within 60 seconds she’s trembling out a whopper.

The Wand is really a bit too much for her though so Jane’s current vibrator of choice is the decidedly more demure Eroscillator. This left our Magic Wand to collect dust and at one point it almost got discarded! That would have been a tragic end.

Since then I have been trying to re-imagine new uses for the Magic Wand and, so far, have found two really good ones (for myself)! I recently wrote about Jane’s vibrating vagina and today I found another… using my Doc Johnson Tool Box, I bound the Wand to my dick, flipped it on, and halle-fuckin-lujah!

My desire for passive submission to an orgasm inducing toy is not new, I quite clearly stated want for such a device in a previous post titled ‘Just Take It‘ (which has been a very popular read, btw). In that post I named a specific product, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre, as my object of desire. Since that time I aquired one and was grossly disappointed, heartbroken even, by its miserable performance.

Today I found what I had hoped for but failed to receive from the Cobra Libre; a dick rattling experience that produces orgasm without any stroking action at all. I can truly just sit back and take it! The picture at top-left in this post pretty clearly shows the setup and it is important to note that no lube was used, I’m pretty sure lube would add a challenging level of complexity to this. Instead of sliding into it, I had to stretch the sleeve open; first around my dick, then one side up over the Wand’s head.

The sleeve serves two functions; holds the Wand firmly against One Eyed Willy’s sensitive underbelly, and transfers vibration fully around his shaft. If you think the effect might whip up some spermy froth you’re not too far off.

Proud of my discovery, I began rumaging through our toybox for more ideas. Next up was my own beloved Lelo Billy whose charms are subtlty and variation… it could not compete with the Magic Wand’s power but was undeniably pleasant. The Billy is cordless and lightweight which permitted hands-free operation. I could let go of it, even stand up to walk around, without it falling off! Just don’t let the…. (wait a minute, inspiration just struck and I need to shift gears)


Cuff his hands to the bedposts ladies. Get your favorite phallic shaped vibrator out (not too strong) and bind it to his dick using an unlubed masturbation sleeve, it will stay put all by itself. The vibration will be pleasant for him but likely not enough to induce orgasm. Then lube up your middle finger and give him a slow and deliberate prostate massage. Don’t rush it… let him suffer through protracted, unfulfilled arousal until he’s on the brink of insanity. Eventually finish up however you see fit… or leave him like that and go out with your girlfriends for drinks.

Ok guys, I’m back… sorry for the detour. I’ll finish up this unexpectedly long post with this advice; get yourself a Magic Wand and a Tool Box, you won’t regret it! And while you’re at it you might want to pick up a book on Houdini’s escape secrets (just sayin’).

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