[Video] New Wave Hookers Remixed To Dubstep

It’s called ‘Heads Up Retro Punk Gangbang to Dubstep‘ but that’s dubious: the film is Gregory Dark’s infamous film New Wave Hookers (1985) remixed in a dubstep edit. For maximum wankage, you’d need to have a predilection for dubstep, classic porn, internet-based hookers that are into dubstep, or something along those lines. This was the famous film that once featured an under-18 Traci Lords but all versions with her in it were destroyed, and this is taken from the existing version of the classic. Many porn remakes have spawned from its hairspray-soaked roots, but none have spun it quite like this. It doesn’t compare to Nyan Cat (Dubstep Remix), but such is the way of hipsters and memes. What do I like about this? The headphones, of course. (Thanks, V!)

Explicit video is after the jump.


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