[Video] Sex Doll Revenge in the Laboratory in “Bionic” by Greg Williams

With exteriors in London and starring Zahia Dehar, Bionic by Greg Williams is a really slick, fantastic video. I can’t wait for part two! Not surprising that this video is great, since Williams is the guy that brought us the arousing Agent Provocateur Valentine’s Day revenge video Love Me Tender and the super-sexy, sweet video Daisy Lowe for Esquire (UK). I’m a fan of his for sure, and I love, love, love anything where sex dolls, gynoids or robots attain sentience and realize they have rights. My vibrator, currently interred in the equivalent of prison planet Ragnarok (my bedside drawer), lives out its life in desperation hoping that someday it too can go bionic.

Interestingly, Zahia Dehar (the girl playing the gynoid) was the former sex worker in the scandal surrounding members of the French World Cup team in July 2010 – she was under 18 at the time of her work escorting with the football stars. She turned 18 in February 2010.

Zahia Dehar in Greg Williams video Bionic


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