[Video] Trailer for Erika Lust’s Upcoming ‘Cabaret Desire’

I just saw a tweet saying that the September issue of Cosmo Australia is out, and I’m featured in their special sealed section (print only). I need to bug Cosmo for a copy! They asked me to judge and select a list of sexy DVDs and offer tips on watching porn with a lover. Yet, they asked me not to pick any actual porn for the DVD list. I was just as flummoxed about this logic as you are, so I picked a handful of NC-17 feature films that could double as explicit erotica, and managed to slip in an Erika Lust film. Peeking in on Erika‘s Twitter just now, I notice that she has a new film coming out this October called Cabaret Desire, and has a lot of great media (galleries, videos, more) on the film’s website as tasty teasers. I can’t wait to see it.


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